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Achieving multiple professional certifications and surpassing customer expectations has propelled Keyes Company Sunset Office Vice President Carlos Garcia to become Dade County's top producing real estate leader within The Keyes organization. Garcia's cumulative sales volume is more than $575 Million since he launched his Real Estate career in 1995. In recognition of his exceptional success, Garcia was appointed to The Keyes Company's prestigious President's Council. Garcia is a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), a graduate of the Realtor Institute (GRI), a Certified Relocation Specialist and Luxury Homes Member. In 2010, Carlos Garcia was named Vice-Chairman and Communication Chair for the Master Brokers Forum (MBF) representing the top 250 agents in Miami-Dade County. To better serve his customers with Short Sales and Foreclosure guidance, Garcia obtained his Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) designation. Prior to launching his career in Real Estate, Garcia served as Vice President of Operations for a major electrical Company in Miami. Carlos has achieved the Number ONE position again in Sales for Miami-Dade County and was awarded the President's Council Award in January 2014 for the 15th consecutive year at the Keyes Annual Awards and has always been ranked amongst the top FIVE sales associates in The Keyes Company which employs over 2,500 sales associates.(press release 2014)

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Updated: Saturday, October 25, 2014

Your House Usually Isnt Worth As Much As You Think

Your house is super badass. Its easily the nicest home on the block. Great updates and a corner lot. Youre going to make a fortune when you sell. You might even set a new record for the neighborhood. Its all about making as much as you can, right?

Especially in a sellers market. Those two words get everyone thats about to put their house on the market all giddy. But "sellers market" doesnt mean license to be a real estate snob. Somewhere between what the last people paid for a house like yours and the highest price suggested to you by a REALTOR - thats your sweet spot. But pinpointing it isnt always easy. Here are five tactics that will help.

1. Choose the right agent

The right agent is not necessarily the one that wants to list your home for the most money. In fact, an agent whose recommended list price is significantly higher than the other agents you are interviewing may be a red flag.

"Local agents have an inside track on what local buyers care about and what they will and will not spend. Talk to your agent about it, but dont forget to actually listen to and consider what your agent has to say," said Forbes. "If you dont trust what an agent is telling you about where you should list your home, talk to several agents -- if the consensus is a recommended list price range lower than what you had in mind, thats a sign you should reconsider."

2. Get comps

Comps, otherwise known as comparables, will tell you what other houses are selling for. It will also show you a pattern of sales trends over a period of time. But it can also be dangerous for anyone seeing dollar signs above all else.

If youre tempted to price your home high, check the comps, said Forbes. Active buyers do not "want to overpay for a home, and most will view your home as overpriced and not worth the hassle or the haggle if it is out of whack with the recent sales prices of similar homes. Similarly, appraisers will use these numbers when figuring out your homes value. Even if you do get an offer at a higher-than-justified price, if the buyers appraiser finds that your home is overvalued compared to other nearby recent sales, it can cause major delays in your buyers mortgage process -- or derail it altogether.

The bottom line: Heed your agents advice...he/she will be able to delve deeper into the trends and provide further context around them. Which brings us to:

3. Listen to your agent

You probably already have a good idea of the price you want for your house. But is it based on reality or is it simply a number that sounds good? Perhaps its what you need to comfortably get out of your house and into something bigger. But that doesnt mean youll get it.

"Heres a real estate fact that every home seller should know: Buyers determine the right price for a property, not sellers," said the Washington Post. "The market price for a home is determined by what an able and willing buyer ultimately pays for it. There are certainly things that homeowners can do to influence buyers perceptions of their homes value and hence increase the price buyers are willing to pay for it. But, ultimately, the buyers will set the price."

4. Do additional research

In todays day and age, you can easily gather a mountain of information to help you understand the market in general, and, specifically, the market in your neighborhood. Pay special attention to the number of homes on the market in your projected price range. The more inventory, the more competition, the more pressure to make sure your home is priced right.

5. Consider the consequences

Pricing too high is a danger in that a house that sits on the market unsold will eventually have to lower its price. Chasing the market down is not something any seller wants to do. Plus, the longer a house sits on the market, the more momentum it loses from being a new listing. And all of this means one thing: money lost.

"Making a mistake on price can cost sellers thousands of dollarsnot by under pricing the value of the home, but by overpricing it," said NH Homes.

Pricing right, or even lower, thereby creating interest and possibly even a bidding war, is the easiest way to get your home sold. Your fear of leaving a few thousand dollars on the table upfront should pale in comparison to what could happen if you cant sell quickly, or at all, at your "preferred" price.

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Five Ways Bargain Hunting For Homes Can Backfire

Its natural to want to save money when youre making a purchase as large as a home. You want to buy the best home in the best neighborhood at the best price, and to do that, you may think you have to shop in the bargain bin.

FSBOs for sale by owner, foreclosures, and short sales arent as plentiful as equity listed homes -- homes listed with a real estate agent by the seller. You may even scour the MLS multiple listing service for signs of desperate sellers, such as homes priced AS-IS, or homes that have been on the market for months.

While some people are successful buying a bargain basement home, you may not be so fortunate, if you put price first. Here are five ways a low price can backfire on you:

The home doesnt suit your needs. A home is a good buy only if it suits your familys needs for space, features, comfort, and function. If you buy a home without enough bedrooms or baths, its not as comfortable or functional.

A bad fit costs you later. To get out of a home thats too small, too old, or too far from where you need to be, youll likely to pay more in transaction costs to sell the home and buy another than if youd chosen more wisely in the first place.

Bargains are rare. If a home is priced lower than others in the area, theres a reason. Sometimes bank-owned home will appear to be a bargain compared to other similar nearby homes, but you may notice a real difference in the way its been maintained. Its not much of a bargain if you find out that all the appliances have been stolen or all the copper wiring has been pulled out of the walls.

The home needs updating. A home priced below market value usually requires expensive repairs or updates. Are you willing to perform the work or pay someone else to do the work? Any remodeling you do will be at todays prices. Before you buy, get a home inspection and then talk to professionals who can help you bring the home up to todays standards.

You lose ground trying to lowball the seller. Just as you want the home you buy to appreciate in value, sellers purchased their homes as investments, too. They want to net as much as possible, because theyve already taken on the risks of buying and maintaining a home. That makes sellers less willing to negotiate on homes that are well priced and well maintained.

If a home has been on the market for a long time without a price reduction, theres usually a good reason. You have an unmotivated, unrealistic, or upside-down seller, any of which could waste your time unmercifully.

An unmotivated or unrealistic seller simply wont negotiate to your level. For example, for-sale-by-owner homes are typically priced the same as listed homes, even though the sellers arent paying real estate agent commissions, including for your agent, if you have one. Why would you pay the seller not to represent your interests?

Furthermore, a bank foreclosure or bank-approved short sale could take months to close. What if interest rates go up before you close? You may get the home at a bargain price, but the savings could evaporate in higher interest payments.

Right now, home prices are still below previous market highs. Mortgage interest rates are hovering near historic lows. And inventory levels are improving in most areas.

Under these circumstances, youre buying a home at a bargain already. The best strategy for today is not to try to beat the seller down, but to offer a fair price for the home you think is best for your household.

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10 Things You Have To Do With a Pumpkin Right Now

Its the season of the pumpkin. Theyre everywhere - in your coffee, in your pie, spilling out of supermarket aisles, and on everyones front porch, stoop, stairs, and walkway. Its not even Halloween yet, and were already tiring of all the bright orange.

You too? Good. Then youll get some great use out of our timely pumpkin guidea guide specially constructed to take the almighty squash and make it just a little more interesting.

Here are the 10 things you have to do with a pumpkin right now.

1. Paint it

Acrylic paint will give you decent coverage and numerous color options if you want to paint it black, white, or neon pink and then get crazy with stripes or polka dots, or even create Frankenstein.

2. Spray it.

Or, take the brush out of the equation and use spray paint. Its fun and easy. Even more so when you tie into a design trend, like metallic. For an extra special look, pick up a few different colors of spray paint.

"Gold. Silver. Bronze. Sophisticated enough to sit on the mantel or step in as a table arrangement. This years harvest gets the Midas touch," said Real Simple.

3. Bedazzle it

Grab a white one or some paint to splash onto an orange one if white isnt available, and then go crazy with sequins. Extra points for the super fabulous spider.

See more ideas at Making Lemonade, and steal their tip that uses pre-glued rhinestones in patterns.

4. Carve it.

But forget about that normal carving stuff. You have to be creative with your pumpkin carving these days. Thankfully, you dont really need to be all that talented. Get yourself a stencil and you can be Van Gogh. Or, you can carve a nifty backlit cat.

5. Decoupage it

Go elegant using this crafty technique of attaching paper or other printed materials onto the pumpkin with Mod Podge. This version from HGTV uses printed napkins.

6. Simplify it

Slice, scoop, glue, googly. This low-maintenance pumpkin couldnt be easier, and its so cute youll be easily forgiven for not being a carving master.

See more ideas here.

7. Beach it

Who says you have to forgo your beach chic-ness once fall hits? A little ingenuity, a little sand try a craft store or even a pet store, in the reptile section, and a visit or two to Pinterest creates a unique coastal display .

8. Draw on it.

The Sharpie is your friend. And so is Pinterest.

9. Bleach it.

A cool trick for making your pumpkins last longer, a few sprays of bleach should be all you need to preserve your masterpieces this year.

10. Cook it

Or, more specifically, roast it and fill with bubbly homemade soup from the Food Network. Yum.

For more carving ideas, see Southern Living.

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