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Achieving multiple professional certifications and surpassing customer expectations has propelled Keyes Company Sunset Office Vice President Carlos Garcia to become Dade County's top producing real estate leader within The Keyes organization. Garcia's cumulative sales volume is more than $575 Million since he launched his Real Estate career in 1995. In recognition of his exceptional success, Garcia was appointed to The Keyes Company's prestigious President's Council. Garcia is a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), a graduate of the Realtor Institute (GRI), a Certified Relocation Specialist and Luxury Homes Member. In 2010, Carlos Garcia was named Vice-Chairman and Communication Chair for the Master Brokers Forum (MBF) representing the top 250 agents in Miami-Dade County. To better serve his customers with Short Sales and Foreclosure guidance, Garcia obtained his Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) designation. Prior to launching his career in Real Estate, Garcia served as Vice President of Operations for a major electrical Company in Miami. Carlos has achieved the Number ONE position again in Sales for Miami-Dade County and was awarded the President's Council Award in January 2014 for the 15th consecutive year at the Keyes Annual Awards and has always been ranked amongst the top FIVE sales associates in The Keyes Company which employs over 2,500 sales associates.(press release 2014)

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Updated: Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Easy Updates For Your Home

When it comes time to redo a space in your home, there are two basic options: take it easy or take it to the max Whether you are limited by budget, time, skill level or all three, sometimes you just want to keep it simple. Thankfully, there are ways to leverage industry tricks, retail sales, and elbow grease to make little changes that make a big impact. Here are some easy updates for every room:

Living room

A couple bucks and a stepladder could be all you need to transform the look of your living room. Go ahead, change out those drapes. Freshen up your look with a bright color or introduce some additional hues to your color story. A bold print can really inject some new life into your space.

One more thing: Coordinate with a few new throw pillows and you have a snazzy, easy updated look.


Is your kitchen sporting mismatched appliances? If youre not ready to invest in stainless steel but you want the look, cover up your appliances. These stainless steel magnets offer an inexpensive way to get an updated look without the big expense.

One more thing: Placemats. Often overlooked and underappreciated, placemats can provide a layer of texture to round out a tablescape and provide protection for your tables finish.


If you like the amount of warmth provided by your bedding but are dying for a different look, a duvet cover is a great alternative to buying a whole new set. Check out a wide range of options from very affordable to very luxurious on Houzz.

One more thing: An old bedroom set can date a room, but easy updates can help bring it into this century. Consider painting or re-staining one or more piece. Or, simply change out the hardware to something more modern for an update you can make in under an hour.

Powder Room

Say goodbye to peeling paint and grungy sinks. A new vanity can update and refresh your powder room with a minimum amount of hassle and expense. If youre not skilled at plumbing, make sure you include the cost of bringing in a professional.

One more thing:

If youd rather keep your existing cabinets, swap out your dated faucet and sand and paint your cabinets a fresh color for a like-new look.


A few hours on a weekend, a few friends in their old clothes, and a few 12-packs of beer should get you from drab walls to colorful space. Whether you want to stay with a neutral or go for something trendy and bold- like, one thing is certain: the look of your room, and the mood, is about to change.

One more thing:

Accent your pretty new walls with some new art. Sites like have prints in a variety of >
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Tips for Creating a Great Entry Hall

Your front entry isnt just the place people step into to escape the elements. It is also a critical design space that helps set the tone, >

Here are some tips for creating the perfect entry.

The Anchor Wall

If you have an anchor wall, meaning a wall that lies at a 90-degree angle to your front door or is directly in front of the front door, youre ahead of the game. The anchor wall is the ideal place to establish an entry zone. Now youve got the perfect place to put your console table, your mirror, your requisite bowl for keys and other front door-type items.

The entryway is "the butler we dont have," said Houzz. "Under ideal conditions, it should graciously greet us at the door, find a place for our belongings and dole them out again when we leave.

For a more modern look, ditch the traditional mirror and replace it with something whimsical and personal. "Consider adding a personal touch, something that will make you smile each time you see it," said Houzz.

Creating An Anchor

So what do you do if you dont have an anchor wall? You can adopt the wall space thats next to your door and apply the same principles. You might have to downscale your furniture or lose the wall if you are staging your entry table in front of a window.

Still dont have the appropriate spot for a traditional entry setup? A tall and narrow bookcase, open-sided shelving, or even a coat rack can help create an entry feel. Or, turn that bookcase to create the illusion of a hall.

"A shallow bookcase like this one defines an entry area while taking up very little space, and adds space, >

Maximizing Space

A small front entry doesnt always indicate a small home, but when it does, the entry may have to do double duty. Building in a few conveniences can help make your whole home function better.

Look for tables that contain a bottom shelf that could be used for baskets, a console with ample drawer space, or a bench with storage. If you need a stylish way to store extra seating, look for a tall console table that can house a couple of small ottomans.

For a really tight spot, "look for wall-mounted solutions," said Decorpad. "Sconce lighting, floating shelves, decorative brackets and coat hooks are all great options."

Want more tips for creating a welcoming entry? Check out >
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Your Key to Successful Real Estate Decision Making

Do your home-buying discussions end up going over the same ground and getting you no where fast?

Whenever you and your partner, and any others involved in making your key real estate decisions, sit down together to discuss plans and possibilities, do stress levels gradually rise even though you never make any buying decisions you can all stick to? Do you harbor differing viewpoints on >

Does one of you seem to expect more compromises of the other, or are each of you locked into your own definitions of "dream home" with no common ground in sight?

Are family pressures about lending or borrowing money or living closer to or further from family interfering with your housing dreams?

Are the fears or concerns of one of you regarding life>

Are you frustrated because youre re-hashing the same arguments and getting stuck with the same indecisive dead-ends, so youre both ready to say "forget it" about home ownership when thats not how either of you feel at all?

This column looks at "Decisions amp; Communities" because those are two of the most important elements of our lives, and yet they are two things we are most poorly prepared to handle. Search back through the 500 articles in this column and youll find practical, creative decision making tools and suggestions, and youll discover a wide variety of ways to identify "community" in every aspect of real estate ownership and buying. Here, Im asking again: "Do you have a specific, practical decision-making process to help you achieve the best real estate gains with the minimum amount of hassle, financial and otherwise?"

Since you may be a first-time or first-time-in-a-long-time real estate buyer, you probably dont have a complete process in place. If frustration, confusion, and stress keep popping up, you definitely have significant gaps in your decision-making process since this process is the key to reducing all negative feelings and reactions and transforming them into constructive action.

You are also probably overlooking a powerful resource - your real estate professional - who has years of experience successfully helping buyers and sellers make solid real estate decisions they can live with.

These professionals are trained to help their clients confidently make decisions they can live with, even if they have never made real estate or major financial decisions before.

Real estate professionals bring their foresight on location, financial, and other >

These professionals are skilled, experienced communicators, who can help you and your partner, even your family, express ideas, suggestions, fears, and concerns to achieve harmony and common ground in what are often very stressful times. Once the lines of communication are professionally opened, youll see each other as a resource not as an adversary.

Are you using this valuable, knowledgeable, decision making resource to your full advantage? If you met with the real estate professional and presented your list of "gotta haves" with little discussion about how you arrived at the list and how you decided what was left off the list, then you may have short-changed yourself and your partner. Maybe you even emailed or texted your list so you could get started on the huntthis is like ordering from a fast-food menu, not communicating what is unique about "your real estate appetite" to an attentive expert. Leaving the professional to fill in the blanks about you and your family needs can waste valuable time for everyone. Youll never know whether you missed out on a property that would not make your list, but that was dream fit for you. You and your partner dont have extensive experience evaluating properties and matching buyers with real estate functionality and long-term fit. Your real estate professional has.

These professionals are trained to find a "home" for "a family," "a couple," or "a solo," but you reduce their efficiency if you withhold details about what "home" means to you and how it will be valuable in each persons life and work.

If you want a perfect fit for your business and your life, the real estate professional cant get really creative until they know all about your customers and what your business represents to them and to how you live.

Before you sit down to another conversation about buying or selling, for that matter real estate that will take you over the same ground with your partner, why not arrange for your real estate professional to join you to explore the topic fully before you try to make any decisions. If you aim for a fresh start, youll probably be surprised at what you overlooked, misinterpreted, and mistakenly assumed. With fresh professional perspectives and well-proven knowledge added to your conversation, your decisions will take on new life and guide you to your new real estate.

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