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A New Time for the Real Estate Industry: The Blockchain and Professional Services

Written By: Lewis Fein
Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Technology is the ally of the real estate industry, in terms of improving customer service and serving the needs of professionals worldwide. Nowhere is that fact more >

Now is the time to broaden our definition of e-commerce to include a new coin of the realm, so to speak, in which decentralization is as independent as it is interconnected; which is to say now is the time to ensure the integrity of the real estate industry, with technology that guarantees a level playing field for all.

Take, for example, the work of ECoinmerce: a model of decentralization, which appeals to business owners of every interest, and is a mode of doing business that is anything but business as usual. Put another way, this platform is a model of inspiration for real estate agents who want to protect the privacy of their clients, and prioritize what matters most to themselves and their profession as a wholendash;ndash;success.

How can these individuals succeed if they do not have the freedom to choose their preferred method of success? How can they maximize their success if there is only one system that limits their ability to succeed? How, in the end, can anyone prosper if there is no prospect but one, because a single competitor monopolizes success?

The answers to these questions rest, in part, with blockchain technology and the decentralized nature of this medium. By applying this resource to the real estate industry, or by making the features of ECoinmerce applicable to real estate agents in particular, competition can thrive. It can attract crowds of consumers without crowding out the competition, because decentralization precludes what traditional forms of e-commerce cannot exclude: the sort of monopolization that exercises too much control over prices, while denying vendors and users the leverage they need to be competitive.

As new platforms expand, and as real estate professionals adopt these applications, the rewards will be significant. They will also signal a shift, economically and emotionally, where the former furthers the latter, delivering a superior level of customer satisfaction and a degree of personal contentment unavailable elsewhere.

Let us celebrate this transformation, since it is democratic in its dividends and far from divisive, given its power to unify such a diverse number of users. Let us accelerate the arrival of this revolution within and beyond the real estate industry, so we can rally buyers and sellers on behalf of a better tomorrow.

A writer and branding consultant, Lewis Fein covers the real estate industry, technology, and marketing, among other issues. A graduate of The Emory University School of Law, Lewis resides in Southern California. You may reach him at .

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Updated: Sunday, April 22, 2018

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