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In Homeowner Associations, Dogs Do Present Challenges

Written By: Richard Thompson
Monday, April 16, 2018

Some may be old enough to remember the rock band from the 1970s called Three Dog Night. There is an interesting story behind their name. Australian aborigines domesticated and kept wild dogs dingos. On cold nights they would customarily sleep with their dogs to keep warm. On colder nights they would sleep with two dogs, and if a night was especially cold, it was a "three dog night".

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Barking dogs can be a very contentious issues in an HOA. Many dog owners think that while other dogs may bark, theirs certainly doesnt. Lets come clean on this one. When left alone, all dogs bark. Some howl. Its their nature. They are social animals and when deprived of company, barking is a way of attracting it. But in the confines of a common wall community, barking generally attracts only the unwelcome attention of the neighbors.

Modern technology provides answers to the barking issue by surgical and non-surgical means. Surgery is considered in extreme cases when behavior modification cant be accomplished. Some of the bark control gizmos include:

Bark Control Collar Shock. Automatically emits a battery powered electric shock when triggered by barking.

Bark Control Collar Spray. Automatically emits a citronella lemon spray when triggered by barking.

Bark Control Collar Ultrasonic. Automatically emits a high pitched sound.

Stationary Ultrasonic Unit. Automatically emits a high pitched sound without collar.

Portable Ultrasonic Unit. Emits a high pitched sound when triggered by a trainer.

Reports on effectiveness of these devices vary. They are battery controlled so making sure the batteries are working is essential. Whether shock, spray or ultrasound is more effective is subject to trial and error. But according to industry reports, over 2/3rds of those that reported using the devices for more than 90 days said behavior improved.

There is a belief that shock collars are the dog equivalent of Tasers stun guns. But according to the industry, the level and duration of a collar shock is a tiny fraction of what a Taser does.

If a dog barks in the woods and there is no one there to hear it, is he still a bad dog? Since barking is bound to cause complaints in a homeowner association, be prepared to offer effective alternates to the owners of the offenders. Good boy.

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