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How to Make Your New House Feel Like a Home

Written By: Stephen Kingery
Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Have Big Projects Done First

Feeling comfy and cozy is all but impossible when there are major renovations to be done that may leave sections of the house blocked off and covered in sawdust, so get these done first. That includes knocking down walls for an open floorplan, replacing old flooring or remodeling entire kitchens and bathrooms. In fact, itrsquo;s probably better to have this completed before you move in.

Unless yoursquo;re an expert yourself, yoursquo;re going to need a contractor. This isnrsquo;t cheap, either, with their services ranging in price from 2,855 to 12,333 in Ft. Worth. That means you need to be careful in who you select. An expert at HGTV suggests getting referrals from friends and neighbors, then following up by checking the remodelerrsquo;s credentials and getting references.

Get Your Own Hands Dirty

There are a number of smaller projects that you can handle yourself, so keep a close eye on those power tools during the move. You may want to start with the basics, such as refinishing hardwood floors, setting down new tiles or painting. The latter especially helps with settling in, as you can choose a color that reflects who you are and your sense of >

Once thatrsquo;s done, why not get artistic? Consider using stones to create a mosaic walkway for your garden or cutting an old door in half to repurpose it as a shelf. When yoursquo;ve built up enough confidence in your skills, you can tackle that gazebo project that yoursquo;ve always wanted.

Add a Bit of Your History

By now, you should have some idea where to place those photographs of your family. Those and other personal items should give you a sense of continuity in your life even though you are someplace new. Yoursquo;ll get the same effect by incorporating heirlooms into the decor, even if theyrsquo;re not the best fit. As designer Phillip Thomas told The Wall Street Journal, ldquo;There are times when sentiment trumps everything.rdquo;

Other items yoursquo;ll want to put on prominent display to add warmth include old hardcover books and gifts yoursquo;ve received from loved ones. Hopefully, you havenrsquo;t left your childrenrsquo;s art behind, as that can be incorporated in numerous ways that donrsquo;t involve a refrigerator and some magnets. Collages and wall displays are just a few ways to give it a bit of pep.

Explore the Neighborhood

You need to know where everything is anyway, so you might as well take a drive, bike ride or walk with the family. Things to look out for include the practical, such as banks and grocery stores, as well as the entertaining, like restaurants and bars.

While yoursquo;re out and about, introduce yourself to the locals and neighbors, but be sure to be courteous.nbsp;For starters, if someonersquo;s quickly entering or leaving their home, theyrsquo;ve probably got something to do and donrsquo;t want to be disturbed. The best tactic may be to knock on their door at a less busy time and say hello. Donrsquo;t forget to invite them when you ...

Throw a Party

Itrsquo;s not only a great way to break the ice with the neighbors, your friends and family will learn the directions to your new dwelling. Besides, the liquor cabinet is still empty, and that could be easily fixed with a BYOB policy. Other ideas include throwing a local culture shindig in which everyone brings a local specialty.

After the party, itrsquo;s time to clean up, and thatrsquo;s when you know yoursquo;re really home.


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