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6 Ways for Realtors To Increase Brand Awareness

Written By: Ellie Coverdale
Thursday, October 31, 2019

Regular Content

You need to be consistent, and the best way to do that is to create regular content and keep your name out there on the internet. There are many ways to create content, but by far the most popular one is blogging. If your brand already has a website, then you should definitely have a blog on there and employ someone - even a freelancer - to write posts about your services or products, and anything specific to your area of expertise. People generally like to see content which helps them in some way, like how-tos and tips for using your products, or even links to other places which can give them extra information. If you can be helpful to them, theyll keep coming back for more advice, and posting regularly means they can work you into their weekly schedule. Brand awareness can only work if you work for it, and give your customers something new to remind them of you every time they go online.

Utilizing Influencers

Influencers are everywhere online, so you need to start using them in your brand awareness plan if you want to get anywhere on the internet, says Natalie Wyman, a marketing blogger at Academized and Boom essays, and creating lasting >

Your Story

Most websites will have an about us page, so if yours doesnt, then youre missing out. Yes, customers want the best products or services, but they also want to hear the narrative behind how your business came into being - they want to see the people behind the corporate logo and slogan, Andrew Palmer, a brand writer at State of writing and Big Assignments, so invest in some part of your content which will tell your customers a story about how you got to where you are, who made you what you are today, where you came from and where youre going. Once they see a human face and hear a human voice within your content, customers will be invested, and thats one of the best ways to increase brand awareness; you need to show people that youre real, because humanizing your company is one of the first steps in becoming a great success. People like people, after all.

Useful Newsletter

A large number of people sign up to newsletters then end up unsubscribing just weeks or even days later. Why? Theyll sign up to the promise of discounts or helpful tips, and instead be flooded with useless promotional material which doesnt benefit them whatsoever. If you have a newsletter, make sure that its actually what you advertise it as, because misleading customers is one of the worst ideas ever for a blossoming business which is trying to increase its brand awareness positively. Include video tutorials and images which >

Contests And Giveaways

Theres nothing that anyone loves more than free stuff, so if you create some sort of contest or giveaway, its guaranteed to catch the publics attention. Announcing such an event on your social media account is a good idea, and having one of the stipulations be that the customer has to share your social media account is also amazing for getting a new audience to find your page, since it has a snowball effect of customer after customer revealing you to their followers online, who could even carry on the chain by entering the contest or giveaway themselves. All in all, youre giving away >

Member Privileges

Lots and lots of website-based businesses are going freemium, meaning that normal users can access the basics of the website, but paying customers i.e. paying for a membership to the website, not just buying products and services get special benefits that others dont get. These could be anything, from free shipping to a no-advertisements online experience, or even a discount for a certain number of items every month. Youll need to clearly display the benefits of becoming a member somewhere on your website, perhaps even in a pop-up, and show how to become a member clearly on your website. Pricing should be fair, since these customers will still be buying from your business, just with perks, so dont hitch up the prices too far and keep it reasonable. Paying monthly or yearly are common payment options, so that members can quit if they dont want the benefits anymore, and dont feel tied into your business - they feel like theyre there voluntarily, and choosing to benefit.


A marketing and tech writer with CV writing services UK and Write my Australia, Ellie Coverdale is highly involved in research based around technology and development projects. Coverdale loves researching new developments >

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