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Why the Fall May be the Best Time to Buy a Home

Written By: Brad Miller
Thursday, September 05, 2019

Best Time to Buy a Home

Are you aware that October is the best month for snagging home buying deals? This is backed by RealtyTracrsquo;s data over a period of 15 years and 32 million home sales during that time period. More so, their data showed that those who purchased homes in October ended up paying 2.6 less than the estimated market value for the homes they purchased. Thatrsquo;s thousands upon thousands of savings

Think about it, a home worth 500,000rsquo;s 2.6 is 13,000. You can use that 13,000 for purchasing really good appliances or have a vacation. Think this lsquo;discountrsquo; is out there? Just wait until the 8thnbsp;of October because homes purchased on that date averaged 10.8 less than their market value estimates. Thatrsquo;s beyond a good deal Thatrsquo;s a steal

Take Advantage of Less Competition

For those with kids, the start of fall is usually a very busy time as people get back to their daily lives after all the fun of summer. Those who were home hunting in spring and summer have either grown weary or already bought homes. Though it is true that sellers also typically drop out of the market during fall and usually resurface after the New Year, keeping an eye out for new listings can give you a beautiful new home before the holidays.

Make the Holidays Work for You

The holidays are just around the corner come fall and people are either hurrying to sell so they can move to another home or that theyrsquo;ve taken a time out from buying as they get busy for the holidays. This factor can come in handy when you spot a new listing knowing that the owner would want to vacate their old home as soon as a deal is finalized.

Your Real Estate Broker Will Have More Time for You

Because there are generally less listings and less buyers in fall, your real estate broker will have more time to show you homes that fit what you are looking for plus answer all questions you may have. Theyrsquo;d also be more motivated to make lots of sales as the end of year nears and holidays approach.

Bargain Home Improvement Season

Fall is generally the time of the year when appliances are at their most affordable and new models are being launched. This is also the best time to purchase cookware, patio furniture, TVs, and sometimes, pay for home improvement services.

All of the above that point to why fall is thenbsp;best time to buy a homenbsp;are great, but year-end tax credits might be one of the best incentives for you. It is possible that yoursquo;ll be able to score quite a significant tax deduction come tax season.

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