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How to Make Your Home Animal Friendly

Written By: Carol Evenson
Friday, November 01, 2019

Keep Things Locked Up

Some dogs will chew anything. And even cats have been known to poke around and get into things that they shouldnt. Things like medications, cleaning products and even foods that are completely safe for humans, can cause serious harm to your pet. Make sure that medications are put out of reach. Put put child safety latches on cabinets that are low enough for a dog or cat to reach. And if your pet has access to the outdoors, make sure that lawn equipment and fluids are tightly locked in the garage or storage shed.

A Pet Door

A pet door can give your furry best friend access to the outdoors. When they get bored or when they get excited about something out in the yard or if they simply need to go out, they can take themselves out. Not only does this save you the trouble of letting them out or taking them out when they want to go, it also saves your door. Many pets, especially dogs, will scratch at the door when they want to go out. Over time this will damage your door.

A Fully Fenced Yard

If you are going to have a way for your pet to access the yard, then you had better get the yard fully fenced. Not only will this protect your pet, but it will protect the neighborhood from the damage your buddy can inflict on flower beds and personal items. Fencing in the yard will give your dog or cat a safe place to play and get some exercise. They can sniff, explore, >

Pet Friendly Floors

Most pet owners prefer a floor without carpeting. Hardwood, tile, vinyl and laminate flooring are easier to clean up than carpet. They can be swept and mopped and accidents are not likely to leave a stain as they might with carpeting. It is important with hard flooring options to keep your dogs nails trimmed so he does not scratch up the floors as he walks.

If you do opt for carpeting, you will have to vacuum often. You should probably also have it deep cleaned on a regular basis to keep down on the dirt and flea population. You might compare carpet cleaning prices from professional cleaning companies to get the best deal. You might consider, as a pet owner, it may be more economical to buy your own machine.

Easy-to-Clean Furniture

Maybe you are not the sort of person who would allow your pets on the furniture, but many folks are. It can be nice to snuggle with your four-legged family member while you are watching television. If you have pets, consider getting furniture made with easy-to-clean fabrics. Crypton, leather and ultrasuede are all good choices.

Exercise Equipment

Having toys for your pets will keep them busy and prevent boredom. If you keep your dog toys in one place, they will not always be underfoot and your dog will know where to find them when he wants them. Cats need a place to exercise their claws, such as a scratching post. If you rub that scratching post with a little bit of catnip, they will be more inclined to use it.

When you have a pet, making your home pet-friendly will make your life easier. It will make cleaning easier and will lighten the amount of wear and tear put on your home and furnishings. It will also keep your pet happy and comfortable.

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