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Cost-Effective Tips for Installing and Maintaining a Swimming Pool

Written By: Craig Middleton
Friday, July 17, 2020

Choose Between an In-Ground or Above-Ground Model

The in-ground swimming pool is the most expensive option, partly because it requires digging a hole large enough to accommodate the pool and hauling that debris away. Some options include fiberglass shells of high quality, which has the ability to flex with ground movements. This means the pool walls will bend instead of cracking. The advantage with an in-ground pool is that it can be custom designed to accommodate the characteristics of your property.

The cheaper option is to choose an above-ground pool. These models are pre-made with a reinforced steel shell, while inside consists of a vinyl liner. Since these models are pre-made at a facility and delivered to the customers home, theres no need for on-site construction. This, in itself, can save a significant amount on the installation of the pool. The vinyl liner can be replaced for far less and each liner can be expected to last from 10 to 15 years. In many cases, swimming pool contractors offer above-ground models in addition to custom-designed in-ground pools, so a consultation can help you decide which type of swimming pool is right for you.

Limit the Special Features of Your New Pool

In addition to the >

Adding a deep end to your pool can also drive up the costs, because it requires using more resources to construct the pool. Unless one of your current tenants is a competitive swimmer, you may not really need a pool with a shallow and deep end. Most property managers opt for a pool of modest depth, which can be installed without using excessive resources. You should also limit the features you add, such as colored lights, water jets, slides, and spas. While these additions may be trendy, theyre also expensive. Again, you can upgrade your pool in the future.

Maintain Your Pool Yourself

Learning how to care for the pool yourself isnt just about saving you money. It can also help you learn about a system thats essential to the operation of your property. As you learn how your pool pump operates and what it takes to keep the pool water fresh and circulating, youll become better able to address problems that may arise. This can help you get ahead of repairs that may be needed in the future, while also eliminating the need to hire a pool technician for tasks you can do yourself.

Your pump motor doesnt need to run all day every day. In fact, most experts recommend running the pool for just 8-12 hours daily, which can be divided up between the early morning and late evening hours. This will be enough to keep your pool clean, while keeping your electric bill lower and saving on the pump motors wear and tear.

Finally, buy your pool chemicals in bulk. Buying these products by the pound will be cheaper than buying the smaller containers, which are often marked up to pay for the brand name. Its also very likely that youll use all of the chemicals you do buy, especially if you buy the chemicals at the beginning of the season. This means youll be making fewer trips to the store and youll always have what you need on hand.

Choosing the right pool for your property and looking for ways to maintain it efficiently will help you save money in the present and as time goes by. There are many options available in constructing your swimming pool, so whether your concern is for saving money, going green, or complimenting the >


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