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The DIY Help You Need, From A Heartwarming Place

Written By: Jaymi Naciri
Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Its called, Dad, How Do I? The site has only been up since April 1, 2020 and it has nearly nine million subscribers at last check.nbsp;

Nine million

We love being able to spotlight good people doingnbsp;good things, especiallynbsp;with pandemic-driven stay-at-home orders that that have left us cranky, at best, but also eager to fix up our houses. So, heres the story behind Dad, How Do I?

From wholesome idea to online fame

Its the ultimate viral Internet moment. An Arizona woman discovered a YouTube channel called Dad, How Do I hosted by a man who grew up without a fatherand teaches basic skills, like tying a tie or fixing a toiletinnbsp;a tweetnbsp;thats become the most-liked on Twitter this week, according to data compiled by the social media tracking firm NewsWhip, said Forbes.nbsp;

The specific tweet, shared by user Mother Moon, read, His father left when he was 12, now he has a YT channel called Dad, how do I? to help kids whore growing up without dads. teaching them basic tasks that youd usually ask your dad for help on. this is the purest thing.

It only took a few days for that tweet to reach more than 2.3 million likesnbsp;and be shared 600,000 times. No one was more surprised than Kenney himself.

I never wanted to be wealthy. I never wanted to be necessarily successful, henbsp;toldnbsp;Shattered magazine. My goal in life was to raise good adultsnot good children but good adultsbecause I had a fractured childhood.

Kenney started the channel to be of service, offering thoughtful tutorials for those who, like him, didnt have a father to turn to. So far, the page boasts videos on how to fix a toilet, how to unclog a sink, how to iron a dress shirt, and even how to shave your face.

I will do my best to provide useful, practical content to many basic tasks that everyone should know how to do, he said on the site. I will >

At a time when people or sites go viral for far less, shall we say, wholesome reasons, it sure is nice to see bona fide success happen for someone whos just trying to help people.

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