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It’s A ‘50s Flashback: Get Ready For Boldly Colored Appliances

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Wednesday, July 08, 2020

But, you know what they say: If you hang on to something long enough, itll come back into >

This time around, its Avocado Cream and Yellow Pepper, but you get the idea.nbsp;

Introduced at the end of May in a news >

The colors were carefully selected by the same color and design experts behind the brands iconic Stand Mixers and other countertop appliances, they said. From muted blues and >

If youre in the throes of revamping your kitchen or looking for a reason to do so, heres something to get excited about: A more colorful kitchen can inspire you and greatly lift your moodin a room where you cook for and entertain friends and family, having a space that causes inspiration and motivation is of the utmost importance, said Twenty 5 Design.

That can be accomplished with a rich paint color on the walls and if youre looking for the best color for your kitchen, check out these tips from HGTV or a boldy patterned backsplash. But in a world where it seems like every kitchen is white on white on white, a return to color and excitement in a creativw way is most welcome.nbsp;

White and gray may be holding steady as thenbsp;most popular colors for kitchens, but Im noticing a definite uptick in interest in adding touches of more vibrant hues into the mix, said BlueStar. One way homeowners are seeking to introduce color is through appliances in unexpected shades, such as magenta, lime green and coral. Of course, colorful appliances have been around a long time, almost as long as appliances have been available for purchase by homeowners. But the vast array of colors now available is unlike before, when a limited palette would move in and then out of fashion.

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Updated: Tuesday, July 14, 2020

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