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Thinking of Investing in Rentals With Others?

Written By: David Reed
Tuesday, July 14, 2020

When just two people buy a rental property, such as a husband and wife, lenders review the income and credit of each. Income and debts are added together to arrive at a proper debt ratio. As it >

Each buyer will complete his or her own application. The lender then documents all parties in the same fashion. The buyers will provide copies of their most recent paycheck stubs covering a 30 day period. The last two years of W2s will be provided along with copies of bank and investment statements providing verification of sufficient cash to close the transaction. If there are five couples buying a rental property, you can already tell thats going to be no small amount of paperwork. Each and every buyer must submit the proper paperwork.

However, the lender cannot proceed until all parties have submitted the necessary documentation. If there are 10 buyers and 9 have properly completed an application, nothing can go forward until that final person complies with the lenders documentation request. Youre going to have to >

Second, and this is just as important if not more so, credit reports and scores will be reviewed for each of the 10 applicants. Just like lenders underwrite a couple and using the lowest middle score of the two, lenders will identify the lowest middle score of the 10 applicants. If 9 people have scores above 740 and 1 has a score of 600, the lender will want to scrutinize the transaction a little further. In such an instance, that one remaining investor might want to pull out of the transaction allowing the purchase to go through. To avoid this possibility, all parties should pull an individual credit score on their own at This website is sponsored by all three credit repositories and allows consumers to get a free credit report each year.

Finally, there should be a person or two to monitor the application and facilitate the process as it moves along. If there is someone that is slow getting documentation in, that individual should be responsible for contacting the others letting that person know theyre slowing things down as well as keep all applicants up to date on the status of the loan.

It can be a good way to expand your portfolio by investing in real estate with others, just a bit more due diligence is required.

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Updated: Tuesday, July 14, 2020

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